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Моя жизнь совершенно беспросветна!

via mi_b, via Brad DeLong

Primarily the question is one of standard of living. If a grocery clerk can maintain his family in a suitable degree of decency and comfort on seventy-five dollars a month, have we a right to expect that a college instructor can do the same? The answer to this involves the demands which society makes upon the respective individuals.

...assuming that a college professor has the right to marry and have two or three children...
Shall we expect our wives to bear and rear children, do all of the housework, sustain their social duties, and remain well and strong?

Our education has given us a refined appreciation of the drama, and we have a knowledge of and love of the best music. The annual football game is a social event which every loyal member of the college community is supposed to attend. We cut this out long ago. Grand opera exists for us only in the memory of our German days. Let us keep the spark alive by taking our wives once a month to a cheap concert; say $1.

What should college professors be paid
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    Вот и я так же. Завтра уезжаю на недельку.

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    Ничего не успеваю. Просто картинки без слов. Несколько дней назад. Сейчас уже листья почти всюду. Раз И два

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