September 18th, 2007



Это я когда-то каламбур придумала, естественно, не первая.

Из ленты (и вокруг):

Два белых коня (первый и последний посты за одну ночь): (см. последний коммент в частности) и


Рокировка (выползла из комментариев к предудущему и расползлась): - вот описание на вики ( с исковерканной диаграммой) А вот Jahrbuch fuer Psychoanalitik Koenig & Turm - узкоспециализированный шахматный журнал, посвященный рокировке, встреченный на нижеупомянутом сайте шахматных разностей.

Замечательный сайт вышеупомянутого Тима Краббе "Chess curiousities"

И грустное и страшное: Grandmaster Lembit Oll committed suicide by jumping out of the window of his 4th floor apartment in Tallinn, Estonia. Somebody told me he sometimes introduced himself as: 'Lembit Oll, 2650.'
Of course his manner of death reminds one of that of Luzhin, the sad hero of Nabokov's "Luzhin's Defense". This in turn was inspired by the suicide of the Berlin master Curt von Bardeleben in 1924. There cannot be much doubt that Nabokov in fact was inspired by this, as he wrote, in his 1970 foreword to the English edition of his novel 'Glory' (1932):

My wife and I, who were then still childless, rented a parlor and bedroom on Luitpoldstrasse, Berlin West, in the vast and gloomy apartment of the one-legged General von Bardeleben, an old gentleman solely occupied in working out his family tree; his large brow had a somewhat Nabokovian cast, and, indeed, he was related to the well-known chess player Bardeleben whose manner of death resembled that of my Luzhin.

P.S. Цхесс - просто крошка Цахес какой-то.