October 21st, 2007


act of divine creation

По следам виклопедического поста zhenyach:

Keats realized that if he could make an educated guess as to where God fit on the tree of life -- based on the field descriptions of widely noted observers such as Moses and Jesus and Mohammed -- he could use a method of genetic engineering called continuous in vitro evolution to mutate other species into God. (...)
After looking at a broad range of species, Keats came to believe that God is genetically most closely related to blue-green algae (or cyanobacteria, as it's known scientifically). (...)
Keats acquired a clonal strain of the cyanobacterium Fremyella diplosiphon from the University of San Francisco, where biochemist John Cobley, Ph.D. was pursuing unrelated research on the organism. Then it was a simple matter of mutating it. "I figured that God thrives on worship. So I prepared four petri dishes, and then, for seven days and nights, exposed three of them to pre-recorded prayer, Jewish, Christian and Muslim, while the fourth served as a control." (His control group was raised exclusively on talk radio.)
"I never expected such early success," Keats admits. "I'd decided to use omnipresence as an initial measure of godliness, since it's scientifically quantifiable. By that measure, divinity becomes statistical: You can see if a species is evolving to become more godlike simply by looking for abnormal population growth. With this organism, that's precisely what we got." Specifically, the cyanobacteria exposed to the Christian prayer known as the Kyrie significantly outgrew both the talk-radio control group and the two other test groups.


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Господа, читал ли кто-нибудь вот эти книги? И если да, то рекомендуете ли их?

Миф о Дон Жуане: Новеллы, стихи, пьесы / Сост. и предисл. В.Багно; прим. В.Андреева. - СПб.: Corvus, Terra Fantastika, 2000.
Дон Жуан русский: Антология / Сост., предисл. и прим. А.Парина. - М.: Аграф, 2000.

Еще меня интересует текст "Старого Дон Жуана" Самойлова в электронном виде (увы мне, второй том двухтомника остался у родителей)
и "Граф Калиостро" Алексея Толстого (НЕ "Формула любви" Горина!).
Сама я не смогла отыскать ни того, ни другого.