October 1st, 2012



У нас какие-то проблемы с сетью. То потухнет, то погаснет, то есть рвется все время. Сомневаюсь, что картинки видны, поэтому пока ничего выкладывать не буду.

Отец сказал: <...> "Беда в том, что в сливах есть косточки, и если кто не умеет их есть и проглотит косточку, то через день умрет."

Вот парочка забавных мест из детской книжки "The Barefoot Book of Giants, Ghosts and Goblins" - это сказки из разных мест, как народные, так и литературные в пересказе Джона Мэттьюза.

История индейцев-шейеен про двуликого призрака: призрак хочет жениться на человеческой девушке, но отец невесты обводит того вокруг пальца.

"What custom is that?" asked the ghost.
"We always play hide-the-plum-pit" said the father. "If the suitor wins, he gets to marry the girl; if not, he gives us a gift"
"I've never heard of that custom" said the ghost doubtfully.
"Oh, we've had it from the beginning of time" said the man. "If we don't follow it, terrible things will happen to us all."
"I suppose we'd better play then", said the ghost.
What he didn't know was that the girl'd father was the best hide-the-plum-pit player in all the world. In fact, he had never been beaten, and wasn't this time.

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И ирландская история про двух великанов и умную жену одного из них, а также про то, как большой палец левой руки победил средний палец на правой.

Самый могучий из великанов Кухулин решает навестить Фингала (Финна Мак Кумала), который раньше его успешно избегал.

The reason for this was that Fionn had the ability to see what was going on anywhere in the world. All he had to do was to put his left thumb into his mouth and suck it - and at once he knew what had happened, what was happening, and what would happen.
Then she told Fionn to get into big wicker cradle, and she wrapped him around in a big blanket and put a lace cape on his huge head. "Now just you stay there and pretend to be a baby," she said. "you can suck you thumb and you'll know exactly what I'm thinking and what I want you to do. Just tell me one thing - where does this giant keep his strength?"
"Why, in the middle finger of his right heand," said Fionn.
"Yes, and his teeth are coming through nicely," said Oona. "Just you feel them."
Thinking he would please her and make his escape before her terrible husband came home, Cuchulainn put his hand into baby's mouth.
Quick as flash, Fionn bit off the middle finger. Cuchulainn howled so loudly that he could be heard in Timbuktu.

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