March 26th, 2015


Why should I bother with made-up games when there are so many real ones going on?

Это текст. Курт Воннегут "Колыбель для кошки";

“There are several ways,” Dr. Breed said to me, “in which certain liquids can crystallize — can freeze — several ways in which their atoms can stack and lock in an orderly, rigid way.”

That old man with spotted hands invited me to think of the several ways in which cannonballs might be stacked on a courthouse lawn, of the several ways in which oranges might be packed into a crate.


“Now suppose,” chortled Dr. Breed, enjoying himself, “that there were many possible ways in which water could crystallize, could freeze. Suppose that the sort of ice we skate upon and put into highballs — what we might call ice-one — is only one of several types of ice. Suppose water always froze as ice-one on Earth because it had never had a seed to teach it how to form ice-two, ice-three, ice-four… ? And suppose,” he rapped on his desk with his old hand again, “that there were one form, which we will call ice-nine — a crystal as hard as this desk — with a melting point of, let us say, one-hundred degrees Fahrenheit, or, better still, a melting point of one-hundred-and-thirty degrees.”

“All right, I’m still with you,” I said.

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А вот это я вчера по радио услышала:

Almost all ice, from the ice cubes in your freezer to the hoarfrost seen on this glass, has the same hexagonal internal structure. It's why snowflakes have six arms. But the ice that scientists detail in the journal Nature is unlike anything seen before.


Geim said that a couple of years ago, they did some theoretical work that suggested they might see square, room temperature ice, though he didn't think they actually would.

"To our own surprise, we found exactly what theory predicted: an ice which is only 1 atom thick," Geim says.

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Ссылка на радиопрограмму -
Ссылка на статью в "Nature" (популярная версия) -

Отставить считать крокодилов!

Это все тот же Гейне

То самое солнце, что выводит из яиц крокодилов в Нильской долине, способно одновременно довести до состояния полной зрелости посев любви в юном сердце, где-нибудь в Потсдаме, на Хавеле - и тут-то польются слезы и в Египте и в Потсдаме!

А это я вчера в дружеской ленте увидела:

Контролеры любви, конвоиры любви, каскадеры любви,
крокодилы любви
разорвут-растерзают тебя на куски
выползая из грязных растаявших льдин
крокодайлы любви из айлантовых тин
из чащоб ледохода замерзших пучин
по весне выползают крокодилы любви


Все, естественно, помнят про ослов терпенья и слонов раздумья.